Our people

With over one hundred people in our dedicated team, we are one of the largest volume remortgage businesses in the UK. Our team is led by Victoria Mortimer, Jacqui Purssell and Lindsey Hodges.

Victoria Mortimer

Victoria is a Partner in the Integrar team.

Victoria undertakes transactions on behalf of banks and building societies, regional institutional lenders, national and regional estate agents, and brokers.

Victoria’s focus is on efficient case management, using technology to speed up transaction times and create efficiencies in the conveyancing process, improving ease of communication between lenders, clients, and their lawyers, on the progress of transactions.

Victoria plays an active role in developing the strategy, technical and compliance elements of legal processing software, for example working with lenders, the Land Registry and the UK Government to improve the transaction process through digital signing of mortgage deeds for remortgaging.

Jacqui Purssell
Operations Manager

Jacqui is a Senior Associate in the Integrar team.

Jacqui coordinates and oversees the delivery of volume remortgage and transactional conveyancing services for regional and national lenders, estate agents, consumers and other organisations involved in the home moving and secured lending sectors.

The volumes handled by Integrar and Knights has placed them in the top ten volume conveyancing providers in the UK. She is a highly experienced manager and is the main point of contact for clients.

Lindsey Hodges
Customer Services Manager

Lindsey is a Senior Associate in the Integrar team.

Lindsey is responsible for ensuring that clients of our highly regarded commoditised remortgage service have a positive experience, and for dealing with all quality and technical issues.

Lindsey also heads up the Customer Services team in Integrar.  In this capacity her role is focused on:

  • Leading the Customer Services team and overseeing all aspects of the customer service experience and processes, making improvements in customer services quality to ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements.
  • Liaising with third parties and regulators within the Industry.
  • Identifying quality improvements within the legal process and ensuring they are followed to provide a high standard of service to clients and their customers.

If you wish to contact Lindsey, her email is customerservicesmanager@integrar.services

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